Our aim at Lindale Students is to see young people believe the Gospel, make disciples, and take their role within the church.

Here at FBC Lindale, one of our biggest priorities is young people. We want them to love God, His Word, and each other. We love our community and want to serve in whatever way that we can.

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We have so many amazing folks that invest in the lives of our students each and every week. We couldn't do it without this incredible team!

  • Tyler WHelchel - MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Tyler loves serving our students because so many people poured into him and helped him grow his faith growing up, so he looks for every opportunity to do the same with our students. His hope is to help raise young people who are committed to Christ and the church, while being prepared to make a difference in their everyday lives.

    Fun fact about Tyler: He can tell you just about the entire UGA Football roster from memory

    Favorite Verse: Proverbs 3:5


    Jess loves serving Lindale Students because she had great leaders when she was in student ministry at FBC Lindale. "I want to be that for the students now! The youth are fun to be around so who wouldn't want to be around them" 

    Fun Fact: She hates flying, but loves traveling and could spend all her time at Disney if given the chance

    Favorite Verse: Romans 12:12

    Corey serves our Middle School Bible study on Sundays and is a huge influence in showing them Christ love and patience. Always working to root everything back to scripture and teaching them how to find the truth in Bible!

  • Michael Watson - High School

    Michael loves serving students so he can be real with them. Monday through Friday teaching in a classroom and Sundays sharing the Gospel. It takes a special person to get through the tough shell of high school guys and Michael is the man who can do that! Awesome husband, dad to 4, loves his dogs and going on long runs. We all want to be a little like Mr. Watson!

  • Pam Blankenship - High School

    Why I love serving Lindale Students: I LOVE THEM! I want to be the example to them, to show and teach them how to grow in wisdom and knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. And I also know that Titus 2:3-5 is still meant for us today.

    Fun Fact: In the late 1990's I recited to my son on the way to school everyday. "Now this is the 11th commandment... We love God, therefore we keep our pants zipped"

    Favorite Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6

  • Kim Whelchel - High School

    Kim is everyone's favorite! Mom to 3 boys but loves every baby, kid and student as if they were her own. Serves FBC Lindale with every ounce of energy she has and then more. The high school girls look forward to their time of devotion and study every Sunday morning with Kim and throughout the year makes some of the tastiest treats you have ever had. 

    Fun Fact: Kim is undeniably the most die hard Georgia Bulldawgs fan, you will find her cheering the hardest every game and then Sunday mornings always representing with her Red and Black!

  • Larry Arrington

    Why I Love Serving Students: Working with students I love their excitement about stuff many of us take for granted. I love how they lift one another up and readily show their love for the Lord. They help to keep me feeling young. Plus have you met the kids and students at our church, they are awesome. I am blessed they let me hang out with them.

    Fun fact: I was Mickey Mouse for my Kindergarten graduation, I also can imitate Kermit the Frog

    Favorite Verse: Psalm 100:2