Constitution & By-Laws

In the Fall of 2021, a committee was appointed to review the state of our church's constitution and by-laws, which are the governing legal documents for our church. The constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern the church's operation. The by-laws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the church is to function.

Here, you will find periodic updates from this committee. This is to keep our church membership informed of their progress in the spirit of transparency. It is also to guide any questions or suggestions you may have concerning their work. 

When the work is completed and approved by the church, both full documents will be made available digitally here on our website.

Constitution & By-Laws Committee Members

John Cooper (Chair), Janice Duncan, Paul Giles, Clay Graham, Abby Hastings, Charlie Kuss, & Debbie McElveen

Progress Updates

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The committee who was selected to review our current Constitution and Bylaws would like to provide you with a status update on progress made to date. Each of us take this role very seriously as we seek guidance from scripture, from the Holy Spirit, Pastor Eric, and other outside resources. Sometimes the task seems simple, but as we seek to develop a document that will stand as the foundation of our church operations, we’ve learned that the task is very complex. Sometimes we review and discuss specific sections for an hour or more to ensure we come up with the appropriate language.

Activities include, but not limited to:

  • Gathered Constitution and Bylaws samples from other like churches
  • Sought guidance from others who have expertise with similar church documents
  • Joined ADF Church Alliance, which is a legal group that deals with issues surrounding civil liberties
  • Separated the Constitution from the Bylaws, creating two distinct documents
  • Constitution will outline who we are and what we believe as a church
  • Bylaws will state how we worship and conduct ministry and business
  • Drafted language regarding membership, roles and responsibilities of Biblical and Corporate leaders of the church, pastor selection, etc.
  • Consulted with deacons about their roles and responsibilities

When the committee began this project, we knew that it would not be a quick process. We do not expect to be finished in the near future as there are many topics still to be reviewed, but we are enjoying the work you have given us. We will continue providing updates as we make progress. When our work is completed, the drafted Constitution and Bylaws will be submitted to the church for approval. If you have questions, please contact one of the committee members.