Where are you Located? 

9 Park Ave Lindale, Georgia 30147, we are across the street from the Lindale Mill located in the heart of the city.

How do I Dress?

Dress comfortably. While some families wear their "Sunday Best" most wear casual and comfortable clothes on Sunday Mornings. Don't worry about what you wear - just come expecting a great experience

What do I Bring?

If you have a Bible, bring it with you to church as our Pastor teaches you an follow along in worship and in Bible Study. If you don't, there is no need to worry. We have bibles located in our worship center and small group rooms for you to use.

When do I need to Arrive?

We have service times at 8:30 and 11:00, as well as Small Group Bible Studies at 9:45. We recommend to arrive about 10 minutes before hand. If you have kids you may want to arrive a little earlier so we can get them registered and gather their information.

Where do I need to Park?

Located just outside of our Worship Center, we have several visitor parking spots. Look for the green signs and when you arrive we will gladly meet there and to answer any questions and show you around. 

Where do my Kids Go?

Our Nursery is available 8:15 to 12:30 for ages 3 months to 4 years old, at 9:45 there are age/grade specific Bible Study Small Groups. Our amazing Sprouts for 4 year olds through 1st grade meet at 11:00 and Treehouse Kids (2nd - 5th grade) join after worship portion of 11:00 service.